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5 Steps To Cook Perfect Roasted Chicken

Whenever we’re talking about the holidays, one prominent dish comes to mind; it’s roasted chicken of course! You could instantly imagine the golden, crispy skin and succulent meat ready to be enjoyed with your loved ones. Yet, the true mastery lies in the art of roasting, ensuring each bite is a burst of flavour and juiciness. However, before you preheat your oven, let us first go through some important steps in making the perfect roasted chicken!

5 Important Steps To Cook Roasted Chicken

1. Choosing the Right Chicken

Selecting the right chicken is the foundation of a successful roast. You’d want to look for a chicken that appears firm, meaty, and plump. The skin should also be smooth with a light golden colour and should not have excessive visible fat. These are the qualities of a fresh chicken that already set your cooking journey to a perfect roasted chicken. Opting for a high-quality chicken ensures a more flavourful and tender outcome.

2. Brining Process

Some people tend to miss out on the importance of the brining process while making roasted chicken. What may seem like an insignificant step is a culinary secret to enhance the flavour and juiciness of the meat.

The brining process can be done simply by submerging the chicken in salt water with seasonings for a few minutes. This imparts a savoury taste and ensures that every bite is moist and tender. It’s the key to elevating your roasted chicken to a new level of culinary excellence.

3. Using the Right Amount of Seasoning

Achieving the perfect balance of seasoning is an art that can’t be overlooked. Under-seasoning leaves the chicken lacking in flavour and results in an inconsistent taste throughout. On the other hand, over-seasoning can lead to an unpleasant texture and may overpower the natural taste of the chicken, masking the flavours of other ingredients.

4. Cooking the Chicken Just Right

Timing is everything when it comes to roasting chicken. You wouldn’t want to serve an overcooked chicken, and certainly not an undercooked one. Here’s a simple formula that you can use to ensure any sized chicken is cooked perfectly;
Calculate approximately 60 minutes for each kilogram of meat in an oven, set at 200°C. This optimal cooking time guarantees a harmonious blend of crispy skin and juicy meat that will leave your taste buds singing with joy.

5. Resting Time

Patience is a virtue in the world of roasting. Allowing the chicken to rest before carving is a crucial step. This period not only ensures that the internal cooking process is completed but also seals in the moisture and juices; creating a chicken that is tender, succulent and flavourful. You’d just have to wait for about 10 minutes or so, and the chicken is all yours!

With its popularity and versatility, it’s no surprise that roasted chicken stands as a culinary classic cherished worldwide. What better way to create meaningful memories with loved ones during the holidays than preparing a delicious meal for all to cherish? That being said, remember that each step you take towards roasting the perfect chicken, from choosing the right chicken to allowing it the perfect resting time, contributes to the symphony of flavours that will grace your table.

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